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2023 Project Plans

With a racing mind full of project ideas and a never ending list, it was time to list, prioritize and plan accordingly!

Starting the year off with completing some projects I began the end of last year. The girls' rooms. We've gone back and forth on bed setup, who will sleep where and honestly I don't know what will happen. All I know is I'm forging ahead with finishing these rooms!

Evies Room

Evies Room is near complete. Here's what's left to do:

  1. Paint walls under trim and closet doors.

  2. Caulk and paint plate rail trim.

  3. Make second roman shade

  4. Soda Blast Bed Frame

  5. Art and accessories

Style + REVEAL!

You can see the mood board and read about the plan for her room here

Shared Girls Room

This room will be shared by our other two daughters. I've tossed around several ideas for a wall mural and think I've landed on my final plan, but I'm going to surprise you all. What I can tell you is the room will be pink and there will be something fun on the ceiling!

Dining Room

Plans for this room have been a bit tricky since we have an open floor plan. (Side note: if you're buying or building a home soon, consider a traditional plan that has more defies spaces. While I love the kitchen open to the living space I do wish there was some more definition where our dining room is and our front entry).

Anyways, as I said plans have been tricky but I finally feel good about what I've decided on.

We will keep the current butlers cabinets and open shelves but they will get a bit of a face lift.

My husband will be building us a table! Woop

Woop! Eight years in this home and we haven't had a dining table that we really love. We've also been hosting most holidays and our current table does not seat enough people. So I'm super pumped about a new table.

Here's our inspiration:

I'll be hanging curtains again, hoping to do to the ceiling to define the space a bit more and a fun feature behind our open shelves that I'm excited and scared about because it could be a huge flop DIY. 2023 we're getting out of our comfort zone so I'm doing the things that scare me.


This was on my list for 2022, but we didn't get to it. However, now that winter is here and all the snow gear is out I'm reminded all over again how this space just doesn't function well for us during this season. I'll be adding extra hooks for all the coats and snow stuff, better shoe storage a fun light and hoping to do something with the floor because we have some chipped tile.

Imagine something like this:

Basement Lobby/Hallway

As the girls grow up the come down to the basement to play more and more. I can also trust them more with crafts and games. So for this space I intend to make it a game night/craft space with a speak easy vibe. I'm really liking the moody aspects of decor recently, actually I always have! Another goal of 2023, stay true to my style even if it's not the trend. My creativity flows most when I'm not comparing and just dreaming!

Entry Way

This project isn't huge, but I want to repaint the paneling and install new wallpaper. In my dreams we would replace the door with a wood look door, but that's for another year.

That's it! It's ambitious, especially homeschooling three kids, but I hope having a schedule helps keep me motivated and on track.

As always come follow along with day to day musings on Instagram @haganhimestead and drop a comment below to let me know what projects you'll be working on!


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