A Growing Up Bedroom | Evies Bedroom Moodboard

We've been playing lots of musical beds and rooms recently trying to figure out the best fir for the girls. Also wanting to maximize sleep for everyone. There's really no magic to that. I've figured it out. When they're teenagers I'll hav e to roll them out of bed. Until then we just have to roll with some sleepless nights, or less restful nights, for a while! This season will pass and I'll miss it.

We settled on the youngest girls having a shared room and Evie having her own room. Evie isn't quite sure she wants to be in her room by herself so we will be updating the shared room to accommodate three twin beds, with a trundle feature. Basically she will have choices!

Evies Bedroom Moodboard

The jumping off point for this room was the already existing paint color. We liked it so much we wanted to keep it. We did not like that terracotta color that I painted a few years ago. I actually never liked it but neve got around to changing it. Bye bye terracottac HELLO beautiful bluish green! We kept the molding accent wall and put a fresh coat of paint on it and it was exactly what the room needed.

1. Custom Paint color

Paint formula in eggshell sheen: 101-1 YO.375,

109-1 Y32.625, 203-2Y 43.5

2. Similar Wallpaper

I bought this wallpaper second hand off Poshmark! A great option if your willing to wait for what you want and have an open mind to what you'll find. I wasn't willing to spend $400+ on wallpaper we might change in a few years. The quality was exceptional and it pushed me design wise. I questioned everything at first but after installing it, it was, without a doubt, a winner!



3. Similar Bed

Her bed is another thrifted find from Fb marketplace! We are going with a full size bed for her room. We already have the mattress but I wanted to update the bed. Something with a larger heardboard for more height and to add presence in the room. Here's the actual bed I purchased.

4. Woven Light Shade

We added this woven light shade to an inexpensive drum pendant from the hardware store.

5. Plaid Rug by Loloi and Chris loves Julia.

One of my favorite rugs I have purchased. I had it in the living room but with three young kids home daily, it was taking on too much traffic and too many messes. I moved it so it wouldn't get ruined. It's a perfect fit for the vintage/traditional Vibe we have going for her room.

6. Blue Nightstand

This is similar in color to the nightstand I have flipped for her. Her actually nightstand is a hand me down they used to be her daddy's. We have painted it a fresh color, wonderlust by Wise Owl Paints in their One Enamel line.

7. Cup Pull for Dresser

I used rub n' buff on her existing cup pulls, but linked some I really like.

8. Green Velvet Curtain Panels

These give a little boho vibe and add some youthfulness to offset the more grown up wallpaper or as I lovingly call it "granny chic" wallpaper.

9. Buffalo Check Pillow

Adding some structure to all the florals.

10. Horse art

I live to print my own art and thrift frames. It's a great cost saver for nice art. But websites like this you can purchase the art already framed.

11. Blocked Quilt

If you're going to invest in anything for a bedroom, invest in good bedding. Make these spaces as cozy as possible and that typically means spending a bit more for quality bedding. I have bought several things from Casaluna through Target and am very impressed with the quality and comfort of their bedding. Their linen blend sheets are amazing!

12. Similar Pink lamp

The last item on this moodboard is the lamp. I had bought the pink lamp base from target years ago and I thrifted the pleated shade. This link and price is for a set of lamps.

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