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Copper “S” Hooks

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Did you catch my DIY tutorial on how to make your own mug rail? If not go here!

To finish out the mug rail I needed “S” hooks to hang things. I went looking online for copper ones, and oh my, the price for them were more than I wanted to spend. On Amazon, two hooks were priced at $30! I think this is probably how every DIY project is born. At least for me it’s always about saving money if I can do it myself and do it well. And if the attempt fails then I can always purchase the item.

Once again I was creating an item from

materials we already had. Laying in our basement maintenance room was a pile of wires from running electric in our basement. I simply pulled out the copper wire from the sheath coated wires and used it for this project. Another option would be to buy some. I found this wire here and think it’s a reasonable price.

You will also need wire cutters, needle nose pliers and something to bend the wire around. I used two cylindrical deodorant bottles to achieve the curve and size i wanted. Some other ideas would be PVC pipe, vitamin bottle, or chair leg. I had a ruler or tape measure handy but didn’t use it much and clamps, which I didn’t use at all.

Side note: If you’re looking for some good clean, aluminum free deodorant, sin-min is amazing!

How to:

The first step is to cut your wire to length. Mine were about 12” long. I ended up cutting about 2-3” off at the end but wanted enough wire to work with.

Start by laying your wire over your cylindrical form. (This is where clamps might come in handy. I just held it in place with my thumb.)

Next, wrap the wire about 3/4 of the way around the first cylinder (1).

Then place your next cylinder next to the first on the side with the long edge of the wire (2).

Bend your wire the opposite way around the second cylinder (3).

Remover cylinders from the wire and trim the ends (4).

You can also, at this time,

change the shape to what you desire. For example you might want a less exaggerated curve. Or you might want the ends to curl more. Do what you like!





Finished Hooks

I use these hooks in my kitchen to hang stuff off the mug rail I made. These could also be used to hang plants or towels.



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