Curtain Tie Back

It’s hard for my girls to open their curtains. Honestly, they arent easy for me to open either and they have fallen on the girls a few times, oops! Fortunately no one was hurt. Oh except that planter that chipped, but no kids were hurt. If I replaced the rods it would likely solve the problem but curtain rods aren't cheap and even worse, I loathe installing curtain rods!

My solution to this problem is two parts: curtain tie backs and curtain rings with clips. This post will describe how I made some bohemian inspired curtain tie backs from materials I already had.

This is what the curtains look like when the girls open them.


steel screw hook

1” Leather strap

Drill with drill bit the size of the your hook

Leather hole punch (I found mine at Lowes Home Improvement)

Sharp knife


Tape Measure

Step 1:

Cut leather strap. I used 18” long to hold back two curtain panels on each side. You’ll need one strap for each side you wish to pull back.

Step 2:

Punch a hole with your leather hole punch at both ends of each leather strap. I just eyeballed center.

Step 3:

Measure and mark where you want your hook to go on the inside of your window frame. i chose to have mine above the headboard so it would be easily accessible for the girls.

Step 4:

Drill your holes where you have marked. Then screw in your hook by hand. Hook one end of the leather strap on the hook and wrap the other end around the curtains then hook it back on the same hook.

Quick, easy, and inexpensive curtain tie backs. Overall it took me about 45 minutes to do three tie backs (that’s with stopping to help three kids!)

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