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DIY Outdoor Coffee Table

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

We decided this year was the Summer we would stain our decks. After six years being here it’s way last time to show our decks some love. And in true fashion for this designer/diyer if you’re give me new deck stain, I’m going to want a deck glow up!

I was shopping for a few new items for the deck and came across a set of tables that would look nice on the deck. However I didn’t really need new tables and at $200 for the set I wasn’t thrilled about spending that much. I already had two that just needed some love, but a new coffee table for the outdoor sofa would be nice.

The inspiration picture was a metal basket type base with a woven top.

I had a metal basket that I wasn’t using and some cedar planks left over from another project. This is what I used to create my table.

My basket was already a mustardy yellow color which coordinates well with the gray and navy blue furniture and accessories on my deck so I didn’t change the basket. I did have to bed the handles slightly and eventually I might just take them off.

Step One:

Cut your cedar planks. I chose my length based off how wide my basket is. They measure 2’L x 6”W. I had five total but ended up only using four. You will also need three cedar planks that are 2’L x 2”W. These will be your support pieces.

Step Two:

Lay your large cedar planks flat and decide if you want gaps between the boards or no gaps. I opted for no gaps. Then place the three smaller planks in the opposite direction on top of the large planks. One at the top, one in the center, and one at the bottom.

Step Three:

Use a brad nailer (I love the Hart Tools cordless brad nailer) with 1” brads to nail your three supporting pieces to the table top. Do this on the back side while you having it laying down so you don’t see the nail holes on the table top. Slightly angle your brad nailer to ensure the brads won’t back out.

Step Four:

Notch out the table top so that it fits over the wire basket top. This step took the longest. I used a Dewalt cordless oscillating multi tool to cut a groove in the table top that sits perfectly on top of the basket.

Step Five:

Even though I have a groove where the wood top fits on the wire basket I went ahead and secured it more with some electrical conduit clamps.

Step Six:

Stain and seal. I prefer to do this in one step by using this oil sealer from Olympic. It’s transparent oil stain sealant and works great on cedar. The color we like is mountain cedar. The oil penetrates the wood making it less maintenance than a two step stain and sealant. We have used this on all our exterior cedar and so far, after 4 years, we still have not had to apply more and the color has not changed.

This project was a quick project and I love the way it turned out. Hopefully we will soon have the decks all stained and everything put back together soon so you can see the table with the other furniture.

Happy DIYing!


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