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DIY Poster Frame

I bought some really cool posters from

Two Hands Paperie with the assumption that I had frames to put them in. Wah wah wah! I had frames, not the right size frames and I wasn’t going to buy any so I did the next best thing and made my own. With materials I already had. These are my favorite types of DIYs because they challenge me to think more and use up materials that otherwise would just sit.

Here is what you will need:

~ 4 pieces of Scrap wood or new wood that measures 1/4” x 1/2” x 22” (or 2“ wider than width of your poster. Mine were 20”). ~ (4 qty) Size 10 machine screws

~ (4 qty) Size 10 wing nut

~ String, twine, yarn, rope to hang your poster. Mine measured 53”. ~ Drill and 1/4” drill bit

~ Minwax furniture finishing wax in clear ~ 120 grit or finer sandpaper

Wood Strips

First step, cut wood to your desired length. My posters are 20” and I wanted an inch overhang on each end so I cut my pieces at 22”. You will need 4 per poster.

Next, sand and then put a finish or stain on your wood pieces. This is optional. I chose a natural (clear) furniture wax for mine. I love this product. It leaves a matte finish but gives the wood a little bit of protection. I use it for a lot of different projects. Best part, it’s dry and ready to work with in 15 minutes! Praise it because patience is not my strong suit!

Now we’re ready to use the power tools! Grab two wood pieces and clamp them together. Or be a rebel like me and don’t clamp them and hold them tightly together. Lay them on the poster with 1” overhang on each end. Mark a dot in the middle of the overhang with a permanent marker or pen. This is your drill mark. With both pieces still clamped together drill through both pieces.

I found it easiest to thread my machine screws and lighlty screw on the wing nut then insert the poster between the two pieces of wood. Once you have the poster placed where you want it, tighten the wing nuts.

Lastly, tie your string to the top two wing nuts.

Now hang and enjoy and easily change out posters!

Happy DIYing!


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