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Faux Canvas Art

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

create art from a digital print

I was in a time crunch (read: impatient to find art I liked), wanted art to hang in our primary bedroom update, and had several digital prints to choose from. I could have just framed the printed art and called it good but I wanted the art to look more like framed canvas art. In addition, the specific frame I was using did not have glass and I didn’t have a piece of glass that fit it. So how do you create a canvas looking art from computer paper?


  1. Art Print

  2. Foam Board

  3. Watercolor paper

  4. Mod Podge

  5. Paint Brush/small paint trowel

  6. Picture Frame

  7. Razor knife or exacto knife

Step 1:

Download and print your digital art. A quick internet search for ’free digital art’ will bring up several options. Or you can order from a few of my go to places, Juniper Print Shop,

Collection Prints, or Kamdon Creations.

I like digital art because you can print more inexpensive art (compared to printed canvases or framed art) and in different sizes.

Step 2:

Cut out art, if there is a white boarder. Measure and cut foam board and watercolor paper to same size as your art print. If you want a “wrapped canvas” look, cut your foam board slightly smaller than your art print. Be sure that your knife blade is fresh and sharp so you have nice clean edges, especially on the foam board.

Step 3:

Apply a layer of mod podge to your foam board and glue down your watercolor paper. Then apply a layer of mod podge to the watercolor paper and glue down your digital art print. Set a large heavy book or object on top and let it dry.

Step 4:

Once dry, if you have chosen to wrap your art around the edges, apply mod podge to the edges and wrap your art print around the edges. Let the edges dry.

Note: My knife was a bit dull so my edges aren’t super straight. I’m okay with it because this will be framed. But if you want a true wrapped canvas look, make sure your blade is fresh and sharp to cut your materials.

Step 5:

Apply a layer of mod podge over the entire front of your art. I chose to use a small paint trowel, to achieve an oiled canvas look. You could also just use a paint brush. Let your art fully dry again. Once dry, you should be able to see the watercolor paper texture slightly and the top coat of mod podge together creating a “canvas”.

Before Mod Podge Top Coat

Up close look at the texture

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