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Favorite Links this week: April, 11 2022

I love a good thrift find, in fact I found two good ones just last week! But I also want to share with you all some things that I don’t thrift.

1. First up, the book Designed to Last. A great coffee table book and an amazing read. I actually have the audio version too. Thats about the only way I can get through a book these days. But this book combines faith + design, two of my greatest passions.

2. A planter of course had to be part of my favorite links. I had been eyeing this hat planter for a while and when it went on sale I hurried to get one. It looks right at home on our new kitchen shelves.

3. My favorite pillow inserts. I got new sham covers (6) for our primary bedroom and the pillows I have aren’t bug enough to fill them out. These pillow inserts are down filled, so they keep their shape and are significantly less expensive than an alternative down pillow insert.

4. I have been documenting my work in our primary suite on my Instagram page @hagaanhomestead. Recently I asked if you all had tried 100% linen sheets. We needed new sheets and i love linen, but I do know that it takes a while to get soft. I wanted to hear something like “yea I bought linen sheets and after three washes they were a dream!” Alas, I didn’t get that so I figured I would test them out. Actually I kind of got scared of the 100% linen ones because of the price tag and what if I didn’t like them. I’m not opposed to investing in things like sheets, I actually think you should get good sheets, but again what’s the return policy on $120 sheets?!

So instead I bought these linen blend sheets, with the smaller price tag to try out first. We have the king size in metallic blue. Right out of the packaging they were soft. I washed them and dried them with wool dryer balls, which actually help make your laundry softer, and we love them! Highly recommend! And maybe since I like these I’ll splurge for the 100% linens and give you my review on those.

5. Who doesn’t love a good basket? Baskets are my not so secret trick for hiding all the kids stuff. I get asked where my kids toys are when I show pictures of their room or our living room. Truth is the toys are there, but hidden in baskets. This way they‘reorganized and easily accessible for the kids but easily tucked away and hidden for mom. This large basket holds all the dolls and their accessories. It’s $60, but you might wait because I got it on sale for $30.

6. Linen Bed Shams. These are 100% linen. I wasn’t as concerned about softness with sham covers. I also really liked the earthy yet muted color of these shams. They washed well and similar to the sheets, they became softer after washing. The color that shows up online is a little bit lighter than they truly are. I think my picture below depicts the color better.

7. Grow light light bulbs. Another not so secret trick, to keep your indoor plants healthy use a grow bulb in place of your typical light bulb. These can go in a lamp near the plants or in a ceiling fixture. I have some shelves that we specifically installed to just be a home for plants. The plants were not getting enough sun light. So I installled grow lights in our ceiling can fixtures that are near these shelves to help out the plants.

I hope sharing this was helpful. If it was let me know in the comments and if you want to see more of my finds.

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