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First Project of 2023

This past weekend we had a small snow shower come through. It was so magical for the girls. Their laughter and giggles while snowflakes fell on their tongue and eye lashes was heart melting. I posted a video on my Instagram if you need some infectious laughter! But this does connect to my first project of 2023, becuase the snow gear reminded me of my low functioning mud room.

Then came the wet and muddy, and snowy gear! Boo! Back to reality, lol. It's always fun to contain those snow day messes. My dream is for a large mudroom next to our basement door but until the basement gets finished out I need our current mudroom space to function better. So oyep, our first project will be the mudroom/laundry.

This space works really hard for our family. It's evolved quit a bit through the eight years we have lived here. I often think back to the building period when our framer asked us if we wanted to take some room from the primary closet and add it to the laundry...I'm so glad we said yes and wish we had taken more. If you're reading this and building or remodeling and you have kids and you're laundry and mudroom are going to be one in the same...make it BIG! BIGGER than you think you need. Because kids and all the gear and all the'll come back and thank me later!

Mudroom/Laundry Plan

Here's where we are starting:

Goals for this space are:

1) Hanging and shoe storage. This space is going to explode with hanging storage for coats and bags as well as adult shoe storage. I haven't quite figured out the shoe storage part but as the project unfolds I think a solid idea will come to me.

2) Replace chipped floor tiles. Tiles in this space were chipped before we even moved in. We opted to just throw a rug over it instead of replacing the tile. My hope for these floors is to use a permanent vinyl peel and stick tile to give it a whole new look. I think these tiles will also lighten the space.

3) Make it cohesive with house paint colors. A cohesive home flows and feels put together. The easiest way to achieve this is through color. And color I will be adding with a faux wallpaper (more details on this in a later post).

4) Update the cabinetry. Drawers for kids shoes, cabinet doors to cover the large laundry tower and a fresh coat of paint.

5) Make it fun and inviting!

Ps: I know this transformation won't make my kids hang their stuff up, but at least there will be hooks for me to hang it all up on! Lol!

Mood Board

See that? Lots of hooks. Lots and lots and lots of hooks! It makes my heart do a happy dance. What do you think? This pheasants?! That floor?

Or this floor?

A lot of my selections are beyond my comfort zone, however I'm tired of being in that space. I want to take risks, do what most others won't and embrace my love for color in our home!

Drop a comment below to help me decide which color way on the floor you would choose. Or neither!

Thanks for stopping by!


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