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Hanging Mug Rail

Updated: May 4, 2022

We recently removed all our upper cabinets from our kitchen and installed floating shelves. Best. Decision. Ever! I know open shelving isn’t for everyone but it really opened up our kitchen and encourages me to stay organized. It also makes those every day items more accessible. Want to see what our kitchen looked like before? Check out our kitchen update from dark and dreary to light and cottage charming.


We are big coffee drinkers and with open shelving I knew I wanted to display our coffee mugs and the new hand made ones I purchased. Again, making them easily accessible. But I didn’t just want to stack them on the shelf. In some of the inspiration kitchens I pinned, I kept seeing rails below the shelves. Some had towels hanging, others with mugs or cooking utensils, and some even larger ones with small pots. deVol kitchens has been a huge inspiration for me recently. I love the layered, lived in and cozy feel they give off.


Our budget was small, but my will was BIG! I settled on copper as the metal finish I wanted, so to coordinate with our copper pendants that hang over our island.

As an added bonus we already had leftover copper pipe from a plumbing project. But if you don’t have any you can purchase pipe at your local home store. I used 1/2” pipe. The only thing left to get was something to hang the rail from the bottom of the shelves. I searched and searched and found copper pipe hangers at Lowe’s. They were exactly what I had pictured, rustic industrial, and they cost $2 per hanger. You will also need a pipe cutter (silver tool shown below).

To finish the ends of the pipe I ordered copper pipe end caps from Home Depot. There are a few options for end caps and I preferred these traditional looking ones. Here is another option that cost leas and in my opinion, have a slightly modern look.

How to:

First decide how long you want your rail. Measure and mark on the copper pipe your length. Line up the pipe cutter blade on the line and start rotating the pipe cutter. After each 1-2 rotations you will need to tighten the pipe cutter. Enjoy this video with my three girls helping me cut the pipe!

Next it’s time to install the pipe hangers to the underside of the shelf. Decide where you want you rail to hang and what amount of rail you want to extrude past the pipe hanger. Each pipe clamp only takes one hole to install.

Pre-drill each hole and install the pipe cleaners. Note: I am working with Oak, a hard wood, pre-drilling is important so you don’t break the screw when screwing in the pipe hanger. This might not be necessary for softer woods like pine, but still recommend for a cleaner install.

Drill Hole

Install the second pipe clamp, following the same instructions for the first. Then install your pipe inside the clamps and use a manual screwdriver to tighten the clamps.

I then hammered on the end caps.

And you’re done!

I gathered some inspiration to show you other ways you can incorporate this project into your home.

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