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How we use Essential Oils everyday and why we won’t stop!

I began using essential oils looking for something that could ease the symptoms of HFM disease that Evie had at 18 months. The doctors told me we would just have to ride it out. My instincts told me to contact that friend I had seen on facebook talking about these oils to help with a lot of things, and I figured it was worth trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

My now dear friend Emma, gave me some thieves oil. I was to put it on each blister that might show up and to roll it on the bottom of her feet and down her spine 3x/day while symptoms persisted (thieves is actually one of the oils we use daily to boost our immune systems).

Guess what? It worked! She still ran a low fever but she wasn’t as cranky as she started out to be. Every blister scanned over in less than 12 hours (she only had about 5) and the disease never progressed to the severe stage. I was ready to see what else these oils could do for our well-being so I ordered my kit. I have been obsessed ever since even my doctor prescribed a few when I was having some health issues. My family also loves using them. We have taught the girls oil safety and they have their own set of oils they can grab and use for things like owies, sleeping, calming down and upset tummies. They also love the kids supplements (probiotics + multivitamins) and ask for them every day!

My main uses are to combat stress, regulate hormones + cleaning. I use a lot of Young Living supplements and find them to be far superior and very clean (ingredients) than other companies.

There’s so many uses for oils, and I’m still learning every day, but I couldn’t imagine doing life without the support from essential oils.

Favorite oils to use for kids at nighttime

****(using oils on kids is safe, but do your research first so you know how to dilute them appropriately, especially for younger toddlers and babies)

My oldest daughter has always been a great sleeper. We joke that that’s why her sister came a short 22 months later. Recently, nighttime has become a lot more difficult with bad dreams, leg aches and restlessness. Having a good routine has been key and incorporating oils like valor and frankincense in their Owl diffuser for calming and bravery and using the CBD calm roller behind their ears and back of neck.

The CBD calm roller has lavender in it and lavender is know to help with sleeplessness and restlessness.

For the leg aches we have found the KidScents Unwind supplement (no melatonin, just vitamins like magnesium) to be the best support. If we skip a night you can bet she’s up with growing pains (as we referred to them when I was young).

Lastly, my girls love to take baths with oils. We make our own bath bombs and add oils like lavender, stress away + peace and calming. Don’t have bath bombs? Use Epsom salt and baking soda. Add your oils to the salt/soda mixture first then pour in the water. A nice aromatic bath is great for calming down and relaxing before bed.


We use a detangler almost everyday for my girls. This recipe is simple to make my own it is non-toxic and also has health benefits. Young Living Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner combined with distilled water and essential oils. There are several pils great for hair so do some research. This is what I chose for the girls.

  • Bring 2 cups Distilled Water to a simmer over medium heat. Take off heat and add the below ingredients-

  • 1/2 cup Young Living Copaiba Vanilla Daily Conditioner

  • 3 drops Geranium Essential Oil

  • 3 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil (and it helps to prevent lice)

  • 2 drops Rosemary (the girls don’t like the smell but it’s awesome for hair and is mostly hidden by the other oils)

  • 5 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • Add to an amber spray bottle and evenly distribute to the root of your hair (leave-in or you can wash it out. We leave it in)

Oils for Momma!

My latest obsession, post-partum, has been oils to support my hormones and endocrine system.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor I cannot tell you what to do for your situation. I can only tell you what is working for me.

Progessence Plus is a natural progesterone and can be used by most people (consult your doctor before starting this or any other regimen for health and hormone). I also use Endoflex to support a healthy thyroid abs CortiStop to help control the effects of stress. Getting my vitamins in daily, like Super B, Super D, Super C, Life 9 probiotic and juvatone, has been a game changer

Happy Healthy Skin

Happy Healthy Skin starts from within. Our diets play a huge role in the health of our skin. Our skin is our largest organ, and often times people experience problems with their skin because of an imbalance inside their body. I take Young Living Sulfurzyme daily to promote skin health by supporting cell health.

One of my all time favorite skin products is the Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood hydrosol, a moisturizing facial spray. It’s thirst quenching for your skin! Feels amazing on those hot summer days.

Lastly, the Sandalwood moisturizing cream is the perfect weight for my dryer skin. I use it year round.

Thieves Cleaning

Switching strides, I use a lot of thieves and lemon for cleaning. We love the thieves household cleaner. It’s safe, smells amazing, and costs pennies to other store bought cleaners. Its the only cleaner we use and it’s great for every surface of the home.

thieves soft scrub

Want to scrub your tub, toilet, sink? This recipe hands down is the best scrub for all those stuck on grimy places. Non toxic too!

Take a small mason jar and fill it halfway with baking soda. Add a capful of thieves cleaner at a time abs stir until you get a peanut butter consistency. Go scrub and watch the magic!

Above the Wellness line

We use a roller bottle of Thieves, Frankincense and Lemkn to keep us above the wellness line. We rub the roller bottle on the bottom of our feet and down our spine daily (when you use oils consistently you will get the best results).

  • 10 drops thieves

  • 10 drops Frankincense

  • 10 drops Lemon

  • Fill the rest of the jar with a carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil)

Happy Tummy

(also good for dogs upset tummies)

  • 10 drops Digize

  • Fill the rest of the jar with a carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil)

  • I roll this directly on stomach (in the belly button) to help with an upset tummy or to keep things regular.

  • A drop of peppermint on the belly button can help too.


Diffusing is the simplest way to benefit from your oils. Also, the best place for beginners to start. We have replaced candles with diffusers and I’ll never go back. Someone once asked “do you have a diffuser in every room?”

No. Just in the bathrooms, bedrooms, playroom and kithchen, okay yes just about every room.

The diffusers we have are awesome! They all have a light feature to them and the Feather the Owl diffuser (in the kids’ rooms) also is a sound machine! They make the rooms smell so clean and you don’t have to worry about fire with candles! You can diffuse anything you want— sleep, calming, help with a cough, boosting immune systems. Its also really easy to make your favorite candle scent dupes. Most of the time I have stress away diffusing all day in our kitchen.

How to get Young Living Oils in your home

Sign up as a MEMBER– this does NOT mean you will ever have to sell anything, just means you get 24% off prices!

It just means you are getting a starter kit.

ORDER HERE and make sure the number 11210875 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. Sign up as a MEMBER to get the 24% off! (See below for FAQ). Reminder you do not have to sell it. And you can skip to step 3 if you do not want to get product monthly. (We go thru- thieves, certain oils, NingXia Red and more so I like to hand pick what I get monthly).

Next you can choose to set up Essential Rewards monthly autoship. I highly recommend this as a way to ditch and switch your home — switching out toxic products for clean products from Young Living like Thieves and makeup.

When you sign up as a wholesale member, you have the option of joining our private wellness group on facebook, which is where you can learn everything you need to know about using your oils & connect with an amazing, inspiring community. If you are interested in selling the oils and sharing about the company I am passionate about helping women earn income to help support their families!

You can follow me on Instagram @haganhomestead as I share more of our daily life trying to live a clean lifestyle with oils!


What do we use oils for? For just about everything!! It’s our first go to for first aid, self care, cleaning, and even stuff for our pets. Whether you are looking for oils to help you sleep, for natural immune system support, for energy, for focus, for relaxation, for your kids, for natural alternatives to cleaning products, the list is endless, there is an oil for that!! And you will learn along the way, there aren’t hard set rules, but part of joining our oils team is that you get access to the most amazing resources & our private facebook community.

Why Young Living? SEED TO SEAL! YL has an unmatched Seed to Seal process to guarantee the purity & potency of every oil. From the planting of the sees to the sealing of each bottle YL is completely transparent and organic. Each batch of oils is rigorously tested in house for therapeutic viability & they are so confident in their products that you can actually visit the farms without appointments & participate in the harvest/distillation process.

How do we use oils? There are three main ways to use EOs. You can diffuse them (a diffuser comes with your starter kit!) which is great for making your house smell great, helping your babies or kids calm down before bed and sleep better, getting rid of odors in the house & a lot more. Second is applying topically (some require a carrier oil like coconut oil, you’ll learn all about that later!), you can make rollerball combos, creams, sprays, add it to your skin care routine. Anything you use you can typically always make your own with essential oils. The third way to use your oils is internally ingesting. This takes a little more research but has become one of my favorite ways to use oils. YL also makes it easy to know which oils are safe to ingest with their vitality oils label.

How will I learn how to use my kit? You’ll get plenty of reading material with your kit, but as mentioned above, you’ll get access to our exclusive facebook community full of amazing resources like how to use each oil in your kit, which oils to avoid around kids or while pregnant/nursing, and all of the dilution ratios for individual oils. We have classes, books, live facebook hangouts & search functionality that will help you navigate through any questions you might have.

What should I get? A premium starter kit, which comes with 12 of the most commonly used oils + your diffuser (I LOVE my aria diffuser) is the best value & provides you with everything you need to get started. You’ll get over $300 worth of product for only $160.

Do you have to order more oils monthly or sell them? Nope! Your kit can be a one time purchase, but along with it comes a wholesale membership, which just means that should you decide to purchase oils in the future, you would get a 24% discount! You will also get a personal referral link should you ever decide that you want to share them, but neither is required.

***Order Here and make sure the number 11210875 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields.

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