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Kitchen Update

Almost 8 years ago when we built our home I didn’t really know what my design style was. So, I kind of let my husband take the lead on our kitchen. I would say he’s an average guy when it comes to design stuff and prefers earth tones, wood, and natural stones. He’s definitely not a white, white, white kitchen guy. I was getting him out of his comfort zone with painted cabinets for part of the kitchen. This is what we settled on eight years ago. Don’t get me wrong it was all very nice materials just dark. And as our family grew and I spent more of my time in the kitchen I grew to really dislike the darkness of the stone. I wanted to love the space I was spending all my time in and I didn’t.

It began by adding an island. Something that was always in our plans, but wasn’t in our build budget. This is your reminder that home takes time. Our goal was to build and move in then add the touches we wanted as time and money would allow. Also, living in a space helps you prioritize and figure out which space needs more attention.

After the island was complete it was time to lighten the kitchen. The easiest way would be paint, but just paint wasn’t going to change the backsplash. So I removed the stone and re-tiled the backsplash with this white brick tile from fireclay tiles.

The tile made a huge difference and it also made the countertops look a lot better. We still have plans to replace the countertops but we’re doing it all in phases and thats the last phase.

Phase 3 was removing upper cabinets to install some floating shelves. Now my husband wasn’t so sure this was a good idea so we did a trial. I re-organized the kitchen and moved everything out of the upper cabinets. Then we proceeded to live with them empty for about two months to make sure we wouldn’t miss the storage. We didn’t miss it at all!

The upper cabinets came down. I painted the kitchen in True White from Magnolia Paints. Our local Ace Hardware carries this line.

Before paint. Drywall patched and shelf mock up.

My husband welded the brackets. We both like an industrial touch to our home. It was also important that the shelves are structurally sound because I would be using it to hold some bakeware and our every day plates, as well as some pantry items like flour.

The wires you see hanging out are for the under cabinet LED lighting.

This is how the kitchen stands today. We have plans to replace the countertops and redo the vent hood. In addition we have talked about some shiplap on the walls and crown for the cabinets.

Find the DIY mug rail tutorial here.

Thank you for being here and checking out our kitchen update! As always you can see our day to day projects and homestead life on Instagram @haganhomestead

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