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Merry Christmas Gift Guides

We keep it simple at our house around the holidays, well as simple as you can make three excited girls and holiday busyness.

How do we do it?

We have chosen to not let our things manage us! What does that mean?

That means less stuff!

How do you get less stuff?

Purge, donate, consistent reevaluation of the things coming into the home.

We're not perfect at it. Admittedly this year I haven't kept up with consistently moving things out when new things come in and I'm feeling like our stuff is managing us again instead of us managing our stuff.

All that fluff to say, we follow the 5 gift rule at Christmas, especially with the very loving grandparents!

  1. WANT

  2. WEAR

  3. NEED

  4. READ


Those 5 rules are the foundation of our gift guides. We set down with each kid and ask them wha they want, what they need/want to wear, what they Need and what they are liking reading or would like to read. I also added an activity category to help with extra curricular activities throughout the year, usually a gymnastics class, dance or could even be a fun outing they want to do. But LESS STUFF!

Girls 5-8 Gift Guide

  1. Walker Family Goods States Duffle Bag

  2. Walker Family Goods Lil' Louie Sling

  3. Hello Bible Box

  4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 instant camera

  5. Young Wild Friedman Sensory kit

  6. Hooded Zip Up Fleece

  7. Embroidered Leather Cowgirl Boots

  8. Thermal Underwear

  9. Brumate Hydration

  10. Walker Family Goods Lunchbox

  11. Klee Kids Toxic Free Makeup Kit

  12. Kids Rechargeable Toothbrush

  13. Chronicles of Narnia

  14. Farm Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, book set

  15. Kids Writing Tablet

  16. Kids Headphones with microphone

Girls 2-4 Gift Guide

  1. Walker Family Goods States Duffel

  2. Walker Family Goods Lil' Louie Sling

  3. Twin Duvet Insert

  4. Twin Duvet Cover

  5. Plush Baby Doll

  6. Love very Play Kit (we also love their block set)

  7. Young Wild Friedman Sensory kit (note these kits have small items so they may not be great for the younger kids who put lots of things in their mouth)

  8. Snow Mittens

  9. The Simple Folk Ribbed Turtleneck

  10. The Simple Folk Romper

  11. Kids Rechargeable toothbrush

  12. Tales That Tell the Truth series books

  13. Different Like Me book

  14. I Prayed For You book

  15. Brumate Rehydrationy Mini

  16. Walker Family Goods Lunchbox

  17. Kids writing tablet

  18. Kids headphones with microphone

Mom and Dads Gift Guide coming up next!

Thanks for being here!


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