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My first blog post and the ORC, week 1!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

This has been a long time coming! I have over thought starting a blog endless times, so I just never did it. Until today! Also, what better way to start off a new birthday year?! Today is my birthday. I turn 34 and my goal this year is to take myself less seriously read: be a more fun mom and let the toys clutter the house, lol.

Okay, so the ORC. Do you know what ORC is? If you don't, let me introduce you to the One Room Challenge, the just of it is to completely design/redesign a room in 5 weeks. I signed up to be a guest designer. I told myself last year I needed to lean in to my design passion and do more of it, so here I am, totally out of my comfort zone, starting a blog, and trying not to self sabotage or talk myself out of this challenge.

For the ORC I chose to do our master bedroom. The first room I encourage my clients to do, but not the advice I follow myself. Alas, I am doing it because these years are a blessing but full of busyness and chaos and I need a retreat, #myinterioroasis awaits me!

The plan: We have upgraded from a queen to a king, basically to accommodate the little robbers who love us and like to sneak into our bed at night, lol. A new bed plan has been decided on, just have to find the time for my husband to build it (he's a craftsman at heart and loves to do woodworking so naturally he wanted to build our bed.) He's got 5 weeks and he's never let me down before!

Some Before Pictures. We are currently sleeping on the floor, but isn't that king size bed just beautiful? :) The mirrors over our bedside table will come down and the sconce lights will stay.

The armoire will stay where it's at. There's a nice little nook that it fits perfectly in. It is an old tv armoire that we use as a linen and pillow closet. The rug will be replaced and the wall behind the bed is going to get a facelift with wallpaper.

This is the view from our bed. To keep the budget low we are re-using a lot of things we already have including the the window treatments.

This frame, with pictures, that can easily be switched out, has been my favorite thing in our master. I think Ill keep it, but it might get a little makeover as well.

Now that you've seen the before pictures, it's time to reveal the design plan. I am so ready to have a #masteroasis that I look forward to relaxing in at the end of the day.

I look forward to showing you all the weekly updates. Hop over to the One Room Challenge page and check out the other guest participants. Ill be sharing in my stories on Facebook and instagram, some of the other participants that Im following. Come grab some design inspiration. There is so much talent and I can't wait to see the finished rooms!

Have A Blessed Day,


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