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Shared Girls’ Room: ORC Fall 2020

It’s that time again, One Room Challenge season! I’m super excited to be a guest participant again and follow along with all the other participants.

I have chosen to do my daughters’ room. They share a room and most, well all, of their furniture is hand me down and doesn’t coordinate very well. But I won’t be buying new furniture, nope we will be building it! Headboards to be exact. This will be a first for me (building furniture) but if I have learned anything in DIY, it’s the only way to succeed is to DO! And with the help of my husband I know it will turn out awesome!

Headboard Inspiration

While I love a good wallpaper, the wall murals I wanted are way out of budget for this project. So I will be painting my own wall mural. I have already began painting because I know it will take some time to finish. Here’s what I have so far.

Rounding out the design I will re-finish an old bookcase/credenza and add a new base to increase the height. Similar to this cabinet below that I am using as inspiration.

Bookcase Inspiration

Now that I have bored you with the details 😂 here’s my Fall 2020 One Room Challenge design board.

I hope you all follow along! And for daily updates on this challenge come watch my stories!

Also, come see what the other guest participants and designers will be doing for this challenge here.

Now go build that thing you have been wanting to build!


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