One Room Challenge: Fall 2020 Week 2

As I prepared myself for this challenge I knew I would be stretching time and pushing fate to get my whole plan done. Between three kids, one being 3 months old, outside design work, and throw in a birthday party 🤪, we’ve been busy busy busy! However, I have made small progress. I painted this wall, and cried a bit while doing it.

This room was our original nursery that I created for Evalyn before she was born. She cried more than me yesterday 😭. Which confirms she is totally my daughter. Took it as a moment to teach about change being a forever constant but it can’t steal our memories.

I also began stripping the bookcase and making plans for a new base for it. Have you ever stripped furniture? I have a handful of times and my go to product is Citristrip. I recommend buying more than you think you will need because it works best when applied thick. Let it do it’s thing for at least 30 minutes you 24 hours. I wait as long as possible, it’s so tempting to start scraping early, but you will have the best results the longer you wait. The wood looks really orange so I’m going to pick up some stain and play around with colors to tone it down. Orange is totally not what I’m going for.

We have also curated wood for the headboard build and the faux leather (in white) arrived for the headboards. Here is my drawing for the headboards. There will be an outer frame and an interior frame (brown) where the leather will be woven around (green).

This first week consisted of mostly painting and stripping the bookshelf. The trim is painted, but I still have to paint the ceiling🥴🙃 and finish the mural. I won’t want to paint anything for a long time after this room.

That pretty much covers week one. Are you following other designers? I shared in my Instagram stories and saved to my ORC highlight other participants I am following.

You can also go here to see the featured designers and here to see other guests participants.

Now go out and build something!


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