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One Room Challenge: Week 2 and I'm dead tired, but in a good way!

This week I made a lot of progress on our #midcenturymix Master Makeover. I got a wild hair in the middle of the week, as I often do, and decided to paint the ceiling. In a perfect world I would install wood planks on the ceiling, but I need my husbands help with that and he's busy finishing out our basement. So paint it is! AND paint is great! Paint is such an easy and fairly inexpensive way to update a room.

But FIRST, wallpaper! Our wallpaper arrived and I enlisted my best wallpaper helper, my amazing Mother In Law, to come help me. Wallpaper, unless the self adhesive kind, is better done with a partner. (I'll be adding some tips and tricks on wallpaper install to my instagram tv so look for that.) Also, I chose grasscloth wallpaper, something I have never installed, so two brains are better than one. It went really well and I would definitely use grasscloth again. I specifically like that there isn't a pattern to match. This made it quicker to install and there was less waste. If your a newbie to wallpaper, I don't recommend grasscloth for your first wallpaper project.

One lesson I did learn, and wish I had known before starting, is to dry fit and check color. Choose a top and dry fit it (put wallpaper up without paste). Step back and look at the color. Then rotate the paper 180 degrees and step back and look at the color again. One way the color will be lighter and the other way the color will be darker. Choose which way you like best. It ended up that we installed it the lighter way instead of the darker way when I would have preferred the darker. However, I still like it. You will want to check this on every sheet you paste up. Also note, grasscloth will show seems. If you do not like the look of seems, then don't use grasscloth. (Grasscloth source: wayfair)

We quickly got done with the wallpaper install and while I had help with my girls, thanks to the best MIL, I was determined to paint the ceiling. I began painting without tape and quickly decided I should tape it off. While it takes more time to tape, the finished look is much cleaner. For this project, I used paint I already had, but it was the color I wanted, black.

I used Behr's Marquee line, in a satin finish, and the color is Black. I only painted the inner part of our tray ceiling and I love how it turned out! Not too dark, but brings the ceiling down a bit to make the room feel cozier.

If you follow me @haganhomestead on instagram, and you saw my stories you would have seen that I began the picture gallery project. I chose a layout for the gallery and decided on which frames I would use. I then painted all the non-gold frames, gold, searched through pictures and ordered prints, and ordered some art to incorporate as well. I am going to save the reveal on the gallery wall for the final week when everything is done and styled. Below is the inspiration from @murpheydeesign for the gallery wall. I love that the frames coordinate but aren't matchy, matchy and the pictures are moody. Can't wait to reveal to you all the pictures I chose. I actually gave a sneak peak in my stories. You can find it under my ORC highlight.

Lastly, we ordered a bed frame. Due to time and the fact that my husband is stretched between work and finishing our basement, we decided that ordering a frame and making it "our own" would be a better idea. We bought a plain metal bed frame from and intend to build a wood headboard for it and face the side rails in wood as well. Priority number one is the headboard then the side rails. This transformation is going to be EPIC!

Week two has me exhausted, but excited for what week 3 will bring. Gonna get some good rest tonight and hash out my game plan for the week tomorrow. Thanks for following along friends!

Have a blessed day,


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