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One Room Challenge: Week 4

Thats a wrap! Finished up my tasks for week four, just this morning and I can't wait to reveal the final story of the whole room on week six. Two more weeks to go!

This week I did something I have never done before. I typically would have put projects like this on my husband, but I want to learn and do more home projects on my own so I tackled installing ceiling trim all by myself. My husband gave me a quick tutorial, but the best way for me to learn is hands on. I made a few rookie mistakes, but overall I am very pleased with the finished results, and even more, I'm proud of myself for completing it on my own!

I rounded out week four hanging the pictures on the wall above the bed as well as incorporating plants into the room. Plants are always part of my design. They bring more life to the room, add more depth, and benefit our health by filtering the air. Some plants, like the snake plant, produce O2 at night and are a beneficial plant to have in bedrooms.

A teaser! I want to reveal the full wall, with headboard, on week 6.

Week five will consist of touching up the ceiling trim and beginning work, hopefully completing work, on the headboard. I also have a few accessories left to find and Im still on the hunt for a different rug, but for now the one I have in there is working. Then its final pictures and the BIG reveal on week 6!

Have a blessed day,


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