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That Crunchy Mom Mac & Chesse!

Okay so I know I'm mostly DIY, home styling stuff but I feel like it would be a disservice not to share this recipe!

Basically, I'm crunchy-ish and absolutely hate what's in conventional Mac and cheese, yes even the organic, but my kids want cheesy noodles! So cheesy noodles they get but in a dye free, no yucky oils or preservatives way.

Yes they love it! We fight over the left overs if there are any! (Ps I love exclamation makes. I probably use too many or incorrectly but IDC!) lol!

Disclaimer: It is our opinion and experience that has led us to believe that raw dairy products are chalked full of nutrients and do not promote gut damage or cause issues that large dairy produced, pasteurized milk does. But do your own research!


+1 pack Pasta of choice (I prefer organic, non-enriched pasta. The ingredients usually say, semolina wheat and water. Simple!)

+2-3 Tbsp. Or more 😂 Grass Fed Butter

(Butter is brain food don't be afraid to give this goodness to your babies!)

+1/4-1/2 C raw cream or raw milk or both (if you can't find raw, use organic grass fed)

+1/4 C organic cream cheese (brand we use that has no additives is Green Valley Creamery)

+1/2 block of Graziers Grass Fed Cheddar or Monterey Jack Raw Cheese (or another brand of raw cheese)

+Salt to taste


  1. Cook pasta according to package.

  2. Drain pasta BUT leave about 1/2-1 C of water. If you aren't using milk or cream leave a little more water.

  3. Transfer noodles back to cooking pot and add in your butter, milk or cream, cream cheese, raw cheese, and salt. Stir together, place lid on pot and allow the cheese and butter to melt.

  4. Once all ingredients are melted and combined serve it up!


Add some veggies and a meat and make it a complete meal!

Gods Blessings,


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