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Two ways to make chalk paint

Chalk paint is a great paint to use when you want a quick update on furniture. I like that there is literally no prep work when using chalk paint. No hours of sanding. No priming. Just clean your piece free of dust and oils and you’re ready to go. Chalk paint is readily available in stores. I prefer the spray on kind of they have the color I want. The only thing limiting about chalk paint is colors. If you want a custom color, making your own is the way.

There are two ways I have found to make chalk paint. One with grout and one with plaster of Paris. I only had sanded grout on hand, which gives the paint some texture. You can use un-sanded and I assume it would be smoother finish.

Chalk Paint from (sanded) grout recipe:

1/2 gallon of paint tinted to your custom color

1 cup of (sanded) grout

1. Pour grout into paint and stir with paint stick until fully combined.

2. Apply to project with brush or roller. It took me two coats to completely cover the piece.

3. Top coat is optional. If wanting to protect it from water I recommend this as a top coat.

Chalk Paint from Plaster of Paris:

1/2 gallon of paint tinted to your custom color

8lb bucket of plaster of paris

  1. Mix the plaster of Paris according to the directions on the back of the bucket. I only used one serving.

  2. Once plaster is thoroughly mixed it should be smooth like peanut butter. Work fast because the plaster will harden within 10 minutes if not added to the paint.

  3. Add Plaster of Paris to your paint and mix.

  4. Apply to project with a brush or roller. Took me two coats to completely cover the piece.

  5. A protective top coat is optional, but I recommend it to keep the paint from scratching.

After second coat of chalk paint and top coat

Will you try making your own chalk paint? With these recipes the creativity is endless!

Happy DIYing!


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